Trump’s former personal aide appeared before the committee Jan. 7

Nick Luna has served as Trump’s body man in the West Wing.

Former President Donald Trump’s personal aide at the White House, Nick Luna, appeared before the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack on Monday, multiple sources told ABC News.

Luna, who served as Trump’s body man in the West Wing, was initially subpoenaed by the committee in November. He was given a brief suspension in December but was involved with the committee before Monday’s virtual appearance.

The panel said Luna was with the former president on Jan. 6 and was close when Trump called former vice president Mike Pence that morning and asked Pence not to certify the 2020 election results.

A spokesman for the committee declined to comment on the presence of witnesses.

The committee already has the first information about Trump’s January 6 phone call with Pence from retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, who served as Pence’s national security adviser.

Depending on how much Trump had contact with Lunar, Lunar’s testimony to the committee could shed more light on Trump’s emotional state that day.

In a recent legal filing citing transcripts of interviews, official records and emails, the committee argued that Trump was repeatedly told by aides and collaborators that he had lost the election and suggested that he was knowingly spreading unproven allegations of fraud – an allegation that could be leveled at Trump in the future. There are potential criminal cases against him.

Since last year, the committee has conducted more than 600 interviews and issued more than 75 subpoenas, questioned additional White House officials, and received thousands of pages of Trump White House records on a rolling basis.

Committee Chairman Benny Thompson, D-Miss. He recently told reporters that the panel aims to wrap up its interviews with potential witnesses next week, and could begin another slate of public hearings in early May.

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