Trump has repeatedly urged Biden to “move” to “cancel” the 2020 election results, the GOP said.

Correspondent Moe Brooks spoke to ABC News after Donald Trump withdrew his approval.

Former President Donald Trump repeatedly urged Alabama GOP representative Mo Brooks to “cancel” the 2020 election results, “remove” President Joe Biden from office, and in several conversations last year to hold the latest presidential election, Brooks told ABC News on Wednesday.

“The word he used was ‘void,'” Brooks said in a phone interview with ABC News, describing what Trump first said to him last September. “We did not go into details [of how it would happen] Because it is legally impossible. And I explained it fairly immediately. “

Brooks first revealed his conversation with Trump in a statement released Wednesday after Trump withdrew his approval to the Alabama GOP Senate primary.

In his statement, Trump called Brooks “awake” and criticized him for advising Republicans to move forward from the 2020 presidential election.

“Since he decided to go the other way, I did too,” Trump said. “I will create a new approval in the near future.”

Brooks, one of Trump’s staunchest conservative allies in the House and a proponent of his baseless claim of widespread electoral fraud, told ABC News that Trump “did not bother me” about withdrawing his approval in the Senate primary, where he met Katie Britt, retired Sen. Richard Shelby’s veteran. Senior assistant, lost place to R-Alabama.

In his statement Wednesday, Brooks said he had told Trump that the steps he had taken to restore the election results were illegal and that what he had requested was “not allowed by the US Constitution or the US Code.”

A spokesman for Trump, Taylor Budovich, did not respond to an email seeking comment on Brooks’ claims, and did not say whether Trump would ask other lawmakers to “cancel” the election results.

Brooks told ABC News that he had not been contacted by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack on his conversation with Trump and could not say whether he would cooperate with their investigation.

A spokesman for the panel, which asked for testimony from California GOP representative Kevin McCarthy, Ohio’s Jim Jordan and Pennsylvania’s Scott Perry, declined to comment. In a letter to Jordan and McCarthy, the panel said it was particularly interested in lawmakers’ conversations with Trump about the Capitol attack.

Brooks, one of the leaders in the January 6 effort to challenge the election results on the House floor, rallied Trump supporters in a speech outside the White House before the Capitol attack. He has repeatedly met with Trump and other key allies at the White House about plans to challenge the outcome in an effort to delay certification.

“Today is the day that American patriots will start naming and kicking asses,” he told the crowd.

Brooks later said he was not indulging in Capitol violence that day.

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