The Ukrainian military forces Russian troops 55 kilometers east of Kyiv

The Pentagon is providing daily updates on Ukraine’s efforts to counter and invade Russia.

Here are the highlights of what a senior U.S. defense official told reporters on Wednesday 28th:

Russian troops face major disaster east of Kiev and move to defensive positions

In a significant move, the Ukrainian military pushed Russian forces east of Kiev, 55 kilometers from the city center, according to a senior defense official.

For weeks, and until recently Tuesday, Russian forces have been stationed in the Gulf, about 20 to 30 kilometers from the center of the capital city.

The official said Ukrainian forces near Bovary had “been able to push the Russians about 55 kilometers east and northeast of Kiev.”

The ability to push Russian forces back almost twice where they have been for weeks is consistent with what officials said Tuesday, indicating that Ukrainian forces are trying to retake Russian-occupied territory in some areas. “The Ukrainians are not only adequately protecting some of these places, they are committing crimes in these few places and are actually pushing the Russians backwards, or in the case of Kiev, they are basically forcing them. A defensive position,” the official said Wednesday.

The United States is now assessing that Russian troops stationed 12 to 15 kilometers north of the city are “digging” and setting up defenses, according to officials. “They are forcing them into a defensive position,” the official told reporters on Wednesday. “So it’s not that they’re not moving forward, they’re not really trying to move forward right now,” the official said. “They are taking a more defensive stance.”

“We are starting to see him scurrying around Kiev but really trying to exert more force than them in eastern Ukraine.”

Ukrainians push back Russian troops in Cherniyev

Meanwhile, in the town of Chernihiv, northeast of Kiev, Ukrainian troops have managed to push back Russian forces that have been besieging the city for weeks. The official described Ukrainian forces there as “fighting very hard” against Russian forces to keep them out of the city, and in some cases Russian troops “leaving the field.” “They are actually moving in the opposite direction, but not too much,” the official said of the Russian forces around the city.

Russian troops are now prioritizing operations in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine

The official said Russia appears to have “begun to prioritize” its activities in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, especially around the Luhansk region, to cut off the Ukrainian military, which has been fighting Russian separatists there for the past eight years. “We still believe that the Russians are basically trying to cut it off and so are trying to pin down Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk region of Luhansk,” the official said.

“What we are seeing now indicates that the Russians have really begun to prioritize that part of eastern Ukraine,” the official said. “We believe that they are going to start applying now. In fact, they have applied a lot more force in the Luhansk, Donetsk area, especially around the Luhansk. You see, they are really putting more energy and effort into that part of Ukraine.”

The official had earlier said that Russian forces appeared to be fighting for control of the southern port city of Mariupol so that they could push the Ukrainian military into the Donbass to the north. Fighting in the city, meanwhile, has remained “very competitive”, according to an official who described the fighting there as “tough” between Russian and Ukrainian forces. The official noted that Russian forces continued to bombard the city with artillery and long-range ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile, it appears that recent Russian military activity around the western port city of Odessa, which has sparked speculation of an attack on the city, could be a misleading move aimed at “pinning Ukrainian forces”. “It’s not entirely clear that they will actually take a step back in Odessa,” the official said. “So we’re just looking at it to see where it goes.”

More US troops heading to Eastern Europe?

The official said Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had always assessed the US military presence in Eastern Europe and did not “remove the table” from the possibility that more troops would flow from the United States or take up positions elsewhere in Europe.

There are no immediate reports of injuries or severe damage. “Of course, the security environment in Europe is different now. And whatever the outcome of this war, it will be different.”

“I think it is safe to say that the United States as well as other NATO countries will be given strict consideration of whether we have the right to footprints and whether the posture is appropriate for the new security environment.” Officer Dr.

Russia has a lot of missiles left to use

According to the official, Russia has now launched more than 1,200 missiles in Ukraine, but “we still assess that they have surface-to-air missiles and cruise missiles available.” Although the Russian military has spent a considerable amount of time on the list of missiles ready for operation in Ukraine, the official noted that “they still have a lot of terrible left.”

The official said the Russian military was “at least running on cruise missiles launched into our skies” but that they still had “more than 50% of what they had collected before the attack.” Missiles and medium-range ballistic missiles.

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