The stretch of the I-81 in Pennsylvania has reopened after a deadly pileup

An extended snowstorm on a Pennsylvania interstate has reopened just days after a deadly pileup caused by a storm that killed at least three people and injured dozens more.

Potsville, Pa. – An extended interstate highway in Pennsylvania reopened early Wednesday, just days after a deadly snowstorm triggered a deadly pileup that killed at least three people and injured dozens more.

The crash happened with poor visibility and involved 40 to 60 vehicles, authorities said. It was captured on videos posted on social media showing drivers and passengers lined up on a snowy road and jumping off the road as the cascade of accidents unfolded.

In one video, an out-of-control tractor-trailer pushes a large dump truck around 180 degrees, another large truck catches fire and spreads black smoke in the air, and an SUV pushes a passenger car, causing snow and fog to slide past one person. Standing on the shoulder.

Some vehicles were mostly burned and others melted on the highway. Authorities say they have to go through every vehicle to make sure there are no human remains.

State police did not update the death toll.

Dr. David J. Mylan, the Shuelkill County coroner, said three deaths had been confirmed and that the number could rise. A Pennsylvania State Police report said 24 people were taken to four hospitals.

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