The reason for the cancellation of the security strike at the German airport

A strike by security forces at eight German airports, including the main intercontinental hub Frankfurt, has severely disrupted flights and canceled flights.

BERLIN – A strike by security personnel at eight German airports on Tuesday – including Frankfurt, a major intercontinental hub – severely disrupted and canceled flights.

The union has called for a day-long strike in Frankfurt, Germany’s busiest airport, as well as in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, D ডsseldorf and Cologne-Bonn, ahead of a round of pay talks with employers scheduled for Thursday. . It has followed walkouts at several airports over the past week.

In Frankfurt, 108 of the 790 scheduled flights of the day were canceled by Tuesday morning, the German news agency DPA reported. Passengers were able to transfer flights but could not board because they started their journey at the airport.

All 88 planned departures from Hamburg have been canceled.

Security checks at German airports are conducted under the supervision of the federal police but mainly by private companies. Bavarian security officials are paid according to the pay agreement for public service workers and they are not going on strike.

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