The governor of Texas has declared a state of disaster as thousands of acres of land have been set on fire

Governor Greg Abbott said the fire posed an impending threat of fatal damage.

As wildfires continue through central Texas, a special fire called Das Got Fire has prompted Governor Greg Abbott to declare a state of disaster, saying the wildfires pose an imminent threat of widespread or serious damage.

A vehicle fire in Medina County on Friday resulted in a slave goat fire and has now spread across the county, burning more than 1,000 acres so far.

At a recent news conference, the governor said 19 state agencies and more than 200 firefighters were currently responding to the disaster.

“The state of Texas has continued to cooperate with local authorities on the ground and is responding to fire activity to keep Texans safe,” Abbott said.

According to the governor, three houses were lost and another 37 were threatened.

Due to high winds, dry heat and drought conditions, many areas across Texas will be at high to extreme fire risk.

There are currently shelters at Loma Alta Middle School for those who have been displaced or relocated due to the fire, and more shelters will be announced soon.

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