The girl survived the tornado that hit the house down the street

Authorities say a tornado ripped through a New Orleans suburb, blowing a house into the air and dumping a family in the middle of a street inside.

Arabic, Louisiana – A tornado swept through a New Orleans suburb, lifting a house into the air and throwing it into the middle of a street with a family.

Neighbors said a girl’s parents came out of the rubble screaming for help. Their daughter was in a trance, and was now stuck inside.

Chuck Hirsch told The Times-Picayun / New Orleans Advocate that he called 911 because he saw her trying to get to his daughter on the neighboring Prosperity Street.

“They were shouting. His wife was historical. They were already hurt for taking the Wizard of Oz ride, “said Hersh.

“All the men in the neighborhood ran home. Mom, they brought him to me. I’m just holding her, “Nerisa Ledet told the newspaper. “I tried to comfort him. I said, ‘You know they’re going to get him out.’

Firefighters rushed to the scene and took him away on a blanket. St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis described the rescue, saying he was in a hospital and “well.”

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