The defamation suit by the brothers in the Smollett case could go ahead

A federal judge in Chicago says a defamation suit was filed by two brothers who said they participated in a fake hate crime against Juicy Smollett.

CHICAGO – A Chicago judge has ruled that an attorney for Juicy Smollett may have defamed two black brothers who testified that they took part in a fake racist and gay attack on the actor when he suggested they were wearing “white faces.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that U.S. District Judge Mary Rowland’s ruling Center, following remarks made by Tina Glandian on NBC’s “Today” show in March 2019, accused Smollett of lying to police for two months after the Cook County State Attorney’s Office announced. Before

Discussing how Smollett told police he had an attacking white man, Glandian said the very black brothers could “put on makeup” in their color disguise. Further, he criticized Chicago police for failing to investigate an online video show. One of the brothers is “doing a joke monologue with white makeup on a white face.”

Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo have filed a defamation suit, alleging that the comments were part of an attempt to portray them as racist, gay and violent men who actually attacked Smollett.

In a ruling released Friday, Roland suggested that Glandian’s remarks could be seen as defamatory, an apparent attempt by the lawyer to “remove inconsistencies in Smallet’s story (the attackers were light-skinned) and reinforce his argument that plaintiffs (who are not) light-skinned” Was. “

“In this context, Glandian has accused plaintiffs of being involved in a racially motivated attack,” Roland wrote. “Explain that the attackers were white, read in context, adding that the attack was a heinous crime.”

Rowland law firm where Glandian works, dismisses other counts against Geragos & Geragos.

“They are awaiting their day in court and will continue to defend themselves against other defamatory remarks,” the brothers’ attorney, Gloria Rodriguez, told the Chicago Tribune.

Glandian filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit against the brothers on Thursday, saying the lawsuit was “a lawyer-driven propaganda stunt designed to try to keep the Osundairo brothers relevant.”

“We are confident that the single remaining allegation reflecting Mrs. Glandian’s views will be dismissed in a timely manner,” her attorney, Brendan Haley, said in a statement.

This verdict is the latest legal twist in a story that has been fulfilled by them. It began with a search for the assailants that led to Smollett’s investigation and criminal charges against the actor for lying to police. Authorities say he recruited brothers to carry out the fake attack.

Last week, three months after a jury found him guilty of criminal misconduct, a judge sentenced the actor to 150 days in prison. Smollett was sentenced to six days in prison when an appeals court on Wednesday ordered his conviction and release from custody on appeal.


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