The cleanliness of the deadly Pennsylvania pileup keeps the interstate off

An interstate highway in Pennsylvania has been closed for a day after several vehicles lost control and collided with each other during an extended snowfall, killing at least three people and injuring more than a dozen.

Potsville, Pa. – An extended section of an interstate Pennsylvania highway was closed Tuesday, a day after tractor-trailers and other vehicles lost control and collided with each other, killing at least three people and injuring more than a dozen.

Interstate 81 North was closed early Tuesday morning after the wreckage Monday morning amid poor visibility involving between 40 and 60 vehicles, authorities and published reports said.

Numerous vehicles remained on the northbound lane road early Tuesday, authorities said. Some vehicles were mostly burned and others melted on the highway, and authorities said they had to go through each vehicle to make sure there were no human remains.

Dr. David J. Mylan, the Shuelkill County coroner, said three deaths had been confirmed and that the number could rise. A Pennsylvania State Police report said 24 people were taken to four hospitals. Those who could walk out of their vehicles were taken by bus to the Wagman’s Distribution Center and then to the Goodwill Fire Company in Minersville, which serves as a reunion center, according to the report.

Emergency management agencies and state police estimate the number of vehicles involved is between 40 and 60, including multiple tractor trailers.

In one video, an out-of-control tractor-trailer pushes a large dump truck around 180 degrees, another large truck catches fire and spreads black smoke in the air, and an SUV pushes a passenger car, causing snow and fog to slide past one person. Standing on the shoulder.

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