One person was killed and at least 26 were injured in what became known as the Arkansas car bombings

Police initially said they were looking for two suspects in the shooting.

A man has been arrested in connection with a mass shooting at an Arkansas car show that left more than two dozen people injured and one dead.

Brandon Dendra Knight, 22, of Jacksonville, Arkansas, was arrested Wednesday morning after being released from hospital, state police said. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

He was charged with first-degree battery and aggravated assault, police said. He is being held in Dumas City Jail and will appear in his first court appearance on Thursday. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“The state police investigation is in an active state and no further information regarding the arrest is available at this time,” the Arkansas State Police, which is leading the investigation into the shooting, said in a statement.

The incident happened Saturday evening in a parking lot in Dumas, about 90 miles southeast of Little Rock, when “gunshots went off in a crowd attending a local car show,” state police said.

Arkansas State Police, along with other state and county authorities, quickly arrived at the scene and first responders took the injured to five different Arkansas hospitals.

The state police said 26 people were injured in the gunfight, including five children aged 19 months to 11 years. In addition, a man identified as Cameron Schaefer, 23, of Jacksonville, died at Dumas Hospital.

Police initially said 28 people had been shot dead in the incident, although that number has since been revised to 27.

Authorities said earlier this week that they believed the two men were involved in a gunfight and did not intend to shoot one. Authorities said there was no preconceived notion that there was going to be violence at the car show before the shooting.

State police said there was no indication that Schaefer was involved in the gunfight.

Earlier this week, authorities indicated that they were looking for two suspects in the shooting and were requesting that anyone with information on the shooting move forward.

The Dumas Police Department arrested a man who left the scene and matched the description of one of the suspects on “unrelated charges,” Arkansas State Police Col. Bill Bryant said in a press briefing Sunday.

“It’s tragic,” he told reporters. “We have a small community, a farming community in Dumas – 5,000 people.” And then we have a lot of hunting incidents. That’s right- this is not about the town of Arkansas.

Victoria Arancio of ABC News contributed to this report.

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