Newtown family: Alex Jones failed to show up for a statement

Informer host Alex Jones has failed to testify in a lawsuit filed by relatives of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Hartford, Con. – Informatics host Alex Jones has failed to testify under oath in a statement filed by relatives of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Wednesday, if family lawyers call for Jones’ arrest. He is no longer seen on Thursday.

Jones, whose attorney said he missed testimony because of an appointment for an undisclosed medical condition, was scheduled to testify Wednesday and Thursday in Austin, Texas, where the Inforce-based, 2012 school defamation case against him for calling the school. Genocide is a hoax

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bayliss found Jones guilty of damages in November. The trial is set to begin in August.

Bayliss on Wednesday ordered Jones to appear in a statement Thursday and told lawyers to submit a briefing on whether he could issue an arrest warrant to bring Jones to justice if he failed to appear again. If Bayliss did not issue such an order, Mattei said he would seek subpoena in Texas. Bayliss further said that if Jones could not appear on Thursday, he would have to submit medical documentation, Mattei said.

“It was, in our view, a cowardly act intended to defraud plaintiffs of their right to be sworn in,” Mattie told a news conference, “and ask him the question, why did he lie about them for so many years? He lost Sandy Hook.” Jawaharlal Nehru lied about his loved ones and why he stopped harassing them for so many years that it continues to this day. ”

Asked if Jones would appear in court on Thursday, his lawyer, Norman Pattis, told the Associated Press in an email that “his doctors will make that call.”

In a court filing later Wednesday, Pattis wrote that Jones ‘doctor was “so apprehensive” at Jones’ observation on Monday that he advised him to go to the emergency room or call 911. Jones refused and his doctor advised him to stay home, Pattis said

On Tuesday, however, Jones aired his daily website show at Austin’s Inforces studio, his lawyers said. He did not appear in person on the show Wednesday, but spoke on the phone for parts of the program. At the beginning of the show, he did not discuss the statement or his medical condition.

The doctor scheduled a “comprehensive medical work-up” on Jones for Wednesday and he was convinced Jones should not make any statements or return to work, Pattis wrote.

The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, killed 20 first graders and six teachers. The families of eight of the victims and an FBI agent who responded to the school have filed lawsuits against Jones, Infors and others, saying they received harassment and death threats from Jones’ followers because of the fraudulent conspiracy.

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