Kim’s sister is angry at Seoul’s advance strike comments

The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called South Korea’s defense minister a “scandal-like man” for talking about a predictable attack on the North and warned that the South could face “a serious threat”.

SEOUL, South Korea – The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called South Korea’s defense minister a “scandalous man” for talking about a prearranged attack in the North, warning Sunday that the South could “pose a serious threat.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s statement comes amid intense tensions between rival Korea over its northern weapons test this year, including the launch of the first intercontinental ballistic missile in more than four years. Some experts say his statement could indicate that North Korea will soon conduct more significant weapons tests and take a tougher stance against South Korea.

The March 24 ICBM test, which broke a four-year moratorium on North Korea’s major weapons test, was an embarrassment for South Korean liberal President Moon Jae-in, who has worked hard to reach a broader agreement between the two countries and find a peaceful solution to the North. Korea’s nuclear crisis.

During a visit to the country’s Strategic Missile Command on Friday, South Korean Defense Minister Suu Kyi said that South Korea has the capability and preparedness to launch a subtle attack on North Korea if it wants to launch a missile at North Korea. Seoul has long pursued such offensive tactics to counter North Korea’s growing missile and nuclear threat, but it was highly unusual for a senior official in Seoul to discuss the matter publicly under the Moon’s administration.

On Sunday, Kim’s sister, Kim Yoo-jung, delivered explosive speeches aimed at threatening Suh and Seoul.

Kim Yoo-jung said in a statement to state media, “The ignorant and dirty man dares to refer to a ‘pre-strike’ in the state of nuclear weapons. “South Korea could face serious threats due to the reckless remarks of its defense minister.”

“South Korea must discipline itself if it wants to prevent a catastrophe,” he said.

Kim Yoo-jung, a senior official with the ruling Workers’ Party in the north, is in charge of relations with Seoul and Washington. South Korea’s intelligence service says he is the No. 2 officer in the North behind his brother.

Pak has said that if South Korea launches a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, North Korea will “mercilessly order the military to destroy Seoul and the main targets of the South Korean military.”

Relations between the two Koreas developed briefly in 2018 after North Korea abruptly reached out to South Korea and the United States and expressed a desire to keep its nuclear program on the negotiating table. At that time, Kim Yoo Jung traveled to South Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and Moon invited his brother to visit the North. Kim Jong Un and Moon finally met three times in 2018.

But North Korea turned its cold shoulder to the moon and severed ties with South Korea in 2019 after a wide-ranging nuclear diplomacy with the United States broke down over a dispute with North Korea over US-led economic sanctions.

“Kim Yoo-jung’s remarks foreshadow another important military test,” said Leif-Eric Izli, a professor at Ewa University in Seoul. “The way Moscow and Beijing try to enlighten the world that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is partly NATO’s fault, Pyongyang will blame the US-South Korea alliance for its nuclear and missile advances.”

Cheong Seong-chang, an analyst at the private Sejong Institute in South Korea, said North Korea’s North Korean statements indicated it would take tough action against South Korea. He said Pyongyang was sensitive to Seoul’s predetermined offensive capabilities because it lacked military resources and the ability to anticipate South Korean attacks.

But Cheung is concerned that Seoul’s public comments about the planned strike would strengthen the voices of Pyongyang’s hardline officials and increase tensions within Korea.

Moon’s single five-year term will end in May, when he will be replaced by the conservative Eun Sook Yol, who openly discussed offensive tactics against North Korea during his campaign. His liberal rivals criticized him for unnecessarily provoking North Korea, but Eun said he would follow a policy approach to Pyongyang.

The United States has called on North Korea to return to talks without preconditions, but North Korea has rejected such an onslaught, saying the United States must first relinquish its hostility to it. As the diplomatic standoff with Washington continues, Kim Jong Un has repeatedly promised to expand his nuclear arsenal.

Some experts say the North’s recent missile tests were aimed at perfecting its weapons technology, enhancing its advantage in future negotiations with the United States and securing a stronger internal allegiance. They say North Korea could soon launch another ICBM, launch a satellite-carrying rocket or test a nuclear device next week.

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