Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmation Hearing Live Update: Nominated Thanks Family,

Former Alabama Sen. Doug Jones followed Monday’s opening statement by previewing what to expect from Jackson as he goes through the Senate confirmation process for the Biden administration for Jackson.

“I think what you’re going to hear from Judge Jackson tomorrow is that he’s going to have a way of judging and a process and a method that some will call a philosophy, others will call it a process, but it’s going to be very, very consistent with what they want in a Supreme Court judgment.” In that diaspora you hear from almost everyone today, “he said. “Fairness, impartiality, judicial restraint, not being in the judiciary, not being a policy maker – you will hear from this judge in the next two days.”

Asked how he would respond to Jackson’s “soft-spoken” allegations, Jones said: “It’s very easy for him to make an argument because he’s going to point to his record.”

“If he were truly a judge with a proven history – a judge – with a proven history of being” lenient towards crime “, he would not have been supported by the Fraternal Order of Police, the International Association of Police Chiefs, Attorneys on both sides of the Isle. Generals across the country, former DOJ officers, former national security officials, former George W. Bush officials – it won’t happen, “Jones said.

He said that Sen Josh Howley, R-Mo. Its attacks are “not surprising” and Jackson will be able to talk about each of the seven lawsuits he has filed in the next two days.

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