Indiana officers shot and killed a woman in a police parking lot

Suburban Indianapolis police say officers fatally shot a woman after she was hit by multiple squad cars with her car and hitting officers near a high-speed pursuit in the department’s parking lot.

Greenwood, Inda. – Suburban Indianapolis officers fatally shot a woman as she pushed multiple squad cars with her car and nearly hit officers after a high-speed chase ended in the police department’s parking lot, authorities said.

Greenwood officials just south of Indianapolis were responding to a report of a potentially intoxicated driver at 11 a.m. Tuesday when they saw the woman’s car and a chase began through downtown Greenwood, police said.

The woman was involved in a non-traumatic accident during the pursuit, which continued into the parking lot behind the Greenwood Police Department. A police spokesman told WTHR-TV that officers blocked the entrances to the lot in an attempt to stop the woman from driving erratically.

Police said he was driving recklessly in the parking lot, and multiple officers fired their weapons, killing him, while he hit several police cars and almost hit officers who repeatedly tried to box into his car.

The Johnson County Coroner said in a Facebook post that the woman’s name was not immediately disclosed, and that a notification from her relatives was pending.

Police said there were officer body cameras and surveillance footage of what happened. The Associated Press posted a message Wednesday asking for additional information for Greenwood police.

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