Idaho governor signs bill to ban abortion after 6 weeks in compliance with Texas law

Governor Brad Little has questioned whether the law would face legal challenges.

Idaho has become the first U.S. state to pass a law banning abortion six weeks after the recent Texas law was passed, something many women may know before becoming pregnant.

The new law allows the fetus’ father, grandparents, siblings, uncles or aunts to sue a medical provider performing the procedure.

The bill passed the state House of Representatives and Senate earlier this month and was signed by Republican Gov. Brad Little on Wednesday.

In a letter to State Senate President Lt. Gen. Janice McGachin, Little wrote, “I express my solidarity with all Idahons who want to save the lives of preterm infants.”

However, he expressed concern over whether the law was constitutional and whether it would be challenged in court.

“Although I support the pro-life policy in this law, I fear that the fancy civil enforcement mechanism, in short, will prove to be both unconstitutional and unconstitutional,” Little wrote.

The law will take effect, but opponents say they are already preparing to challenge the bill.

Family members can sue for a minimum of $ 20,000 within four years of an abortion. Although a rapist will not be allowed to sue, their family members can.

Kim Clark, senior attorney at Legal Voice – a non-profit organization that advocates for the legal rights of women, girls and LGBTQ people in the Northwest – says women in abusive relationships may be further harassed by their partners.

“It basically involves the state in close partner violence,” Clark told ABC News in an interview last week. “Allowing a family member of a person to make a claim may include an abuser where the survivor did not report the attack.”

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