Florida officials are battling the onslaught of spring breakers

Rowdy Spring Break has forced crowd curfews and closed some establishments from Miami Beach to Panhandle, Florida.

Panama City Beach, Fla. – Spring break crowds have forced curfews and forced some establishments from Miami Beach to Panhandle, Florida, to close their doors.

Law enforcement officials in Florida Bay County said Sunday they would not tolerate the Spring Breakers’ misbehavior after a 21-year-old Alabama man was shot in the leg during a shooting Sunday at Panama City Beach.

At a news conference on Sunday, Panama City Beach Police Chief JR Talamantej said, “There is no word on the crowd here this weekend about how they behaved, how they managed themselves, and how much they broke the law.” Afternoon. “We are trying our best to handle this situation.”

Police received reports that a large crowd was out of control just before the shooting on Sunday afternoon. The three have been detained and officials say they could be charged with attempted murder.

About 50 to 60 firearms were seized from Spring Breaker, according to Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford.

Panama City Police Chief Mark Smith said some local nightclubs volunteered to close their doors Sunday night.

“They’re not feeding the crowd for the spring break,” Smith said. “It’s unbearable.”

In South Florida, officials are forced to impose a midnight curfew on weekends due to the tense crowds, drunkenness and growing violence associated with the city’s world-famous South Beach neighborhood. The move comes after a shooting that injured five people on South Beach last week.

The 10-block stretch of Ocean Drive, known for its Art Deco hotels, restaurants and bars, caters to more affluent tourists as well as locals. Many longtime residents have learned to behave like a hurricane spring break: stay inside and roar until it’s over.

When asked about a possible curfew on Panama City Beach, Talamantej said “there is nothing outside the table.” He said officials were assessing the situation.

“I know citizens are frustrated. Trust me, we’re disappointed, too, “said Talamantej.” The harsh reality is that we can’t control who comes to town. But what we can control is what will happen to you if you commit a crime in this city We will hold you accountable “

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