Firefighters were injured when a fire broke out in central Texas

Extreme weather is causing fires around the country.

Extreme weather is causing wildfires across the country.

According to Hood County officials, a fire in central Texas that started over the weekend burned more than 11,000 acres and injured a firefighter. Forest Service officials said the blaze was starting in Erath County and moving north.

The fire, known as the “Big L” by the Texas A&M Forest Service, started in a grassy area where it began to spread rapidly due to gusty winds and dry heat. The town of Lipan is being built about 18 miles west of Greenbury, according to the Hood County Emergency Management Department. Eviction And residents were told to head east towards Greenbury.

As of Monday morning, the Big L fire was about 20% under control and Residents who have moved He has been allowed to return to the country.

Four firefighters were injured after fighting the “Big L”. According to Hood County officials. A firefighter suffered first-degree burns but was treated and discharged from the hospital. Three other firefighters suffered from dehydration and have since recovered, officials said.

A red flag warning and high wind warning have been issued for some areas across South Texas because gusty winds and dry conditions are extinguishing wildfires.

As wildfires spread across Texas, the expected severe storms from Monday night through Tuesday morning could bring the necessary rainfall to combat dry heat and strong winds.

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