Extreme weather has killed at least two people in 30 tornadoes in seven states

The death was reported Thursday in Washington County, Florida.

Two people were killed Thursday in Panhandle, Florida, when their mobile home was destroyed by a suspected tornado, one of about 30 that wreaked havoc across seven southern and midwestern states, officials said.

The first death in Washington County, Florida, was caused by a severe weather outbreak that began Tuesday night.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said two mobile homes were destroyed, and the two dead were inside one of them, according to the ABC-authorized station WMBB in Panama City. The sheriff’s office said two more people from the destroyed second mobile home were injured.

The deadly episode came after the National Weather Service issued a new tornado watch warning from Florida’s coastal Appalachia to Georgia’s Valdosta early Thursday morning.

Severe weather bands continue to move east and north, issuing severe weather warnings along the east coast, with forecasts of potentially damaging winds Thursday evening for New York City, Trenton, NJ and parts of eastern Pennsylvania.

At least 29 tornadoes were reported in seven states on Tuesday night and throughout Wednesday in the face of severe weather from the Rocky Mountains, according to the National Weather Service. Funnel clouds were reported in Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and Missouri.

A twister that ripped through Springdale, Ark on Wednesday, injured seven people and caused extensive damage to an elementary school. The NWS reported that the Springdale tornado was a powerful EF-3 on the extended Fujita scale and produced winds of up to 145 miles per hour.

In addition to the tornado, severe weather was followed by harmful winds that tore down the roofs of homes, barns and businesses and uprooted trees.

In Louisiana, strong winds and wreckage were blamed for reduced visibility due to a pile of three cars on a highway near Iowa that caused several minor injuries, according to the Iowa Police Department.

At least 10 twisters have been reported across Mississippi, and large trees have collapsed due to strong winds outside Jackson’s governor’s mansion.

At least three tornadoes have hit central Alabama, including one in Shelby County, overturning a mobile home, rescuing one trapped inside, according to the ABC-authorized station WBMA in Birmingham.

A twister also went down in Montevalo, Alabama on Wednesday night, ripping off the roof of a Montevalo University dormitory and injuring one, according to the Montevalo Police Department.

“We are grateful that there was a spring break this week and very few people were on campus during tonight’s storm,” university officials said in a statement.

ABC News’ Max Golembo, Puri, Alexander, Griffin, Melissa Griffin and Whitney Lloyd contributed to this report.

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