Disney shut down Shanghai Park as the virus spread, and Shenzhen reopened

Disney Co. has closed its Shanghai theme park as Chinese authorities try to control the city’s largest coronavirus outbreak in two years, while business centers in southern Shenzhen have allowed shops and offices to reopen after being closed for weeks.

BEIJING – Disney Co. closed its Shanghai theme park on Monday as Chinese authorities sought to control the city’s largest coronavirus flare-up in two years, while shops and offices in Shenzhen’s southern business center were allowed to reopen after a week-long shutdown.

Meanwhile, another round of city-wide virus testing has begun following an increase in northeastern Changchun and Jilin infections. Jillian has tightened anti-disease bans, ordering its 2 million residents to stay home.

China’s latest transmission wave has a lower number than other major countries, but authorities are implementing a “zero tolerance” strategy that has blocked access to some major cities.

The government reported 2,027 new cases in the 24 hours since midnight on Sunday, up from 1,737 the previous day. Of these, 1,542 are in Jilin Province, where Changchun and Jilin are located.

The government of Shanghai, China’s most populous city with 24 million people, has avoided shutting down city-wide businesses and public facilities but has appealed to the public to stay home if possible. Bus services in the city have been suspended and visitors will have to show a negative virus test.

Disney says Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park will remain closed until further notice.

On Monday, Shanghai reported 24 new cases. The city has previously suspended access to two residential areas and conducted dozens of other mass tests.

The Shenzhen government, a finance and technology center that blocks Hong Kong, announced that business and government offices were allowed to reopen on Monday as authorities took steps to prevent a resurgence of virus cases.

The city of 17.5 million people supplied food and other necessities last week, as well as shutting down all businesses except bus and subway services and forcing the public to stay home after the lawsuit was settled out of court.

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