Biden’s spokesman tested positive for COVID-19 after the trip

White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said she had tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from Europe with President Joe Biden.

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said he last saw Biden during a “socially distance meeting” on Saturday. Biden, because he is fully vaccinated, is not considered “close contact” under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Jean-Pierre Biden traveled to Belgium and Poland last week after testing positive for the virus in Press Secretary Jane Saki.

Biden returned to the White House early Sunday morning from a four-day visit where he was seen working to strengthen the NATO alliance following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Jean-Pierre said he was experiencing “mild symptoms”, adding that “in line with the White House’s Covid-19 protocol, I will work from home and plan to return to work in person at the end of the five-day separation period. Negative test.”

The White House did not immediately say when Biden, 79, was last tested for the Cavid-19.

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