Authorities renew appeal for help finding missing Nevada woman

In northern Nevada, family members and sheriff’s officials are renewing pleas for help in finding the last of an 18-year-old woman when a man wearing a mask and hooded sweatshirt got into her car 10 days ago outside a Walmart store.

Fernley, Navy. – Nevada family members and sheriff’s officials showed a man wearing a mask and hooded sweatshirt in a surveillance video outside a Walmart store for the last time an 18-year-old woman was last seen Tuesday. 10 days ago.

Lion County Sheriff’s Detective Eric Kusmerz told reporters in Fernley that Naomi Christine Irwin’s car had been found, but sheriff’s officials and the FBI could not find any clues from her cellphone when they believed she had been abducted earlier in the day in a small town east of Reno. March 2nd.

Kusmaraj said the man was active on Irian social media and his cellphone until 5:23 a.m., a minute before he entered his car. The phone was not found and is no longer active, investigators say.

“We believe there is some information that has not yet reached us,” said Lyon County Sheriff Frank Hunville.

Irene was in the Walmart parking lot to catch an employee’s bus to work at the Panasonic facility in the Reno-area. He lives close to his older brother, Casey Valley, who reported him missing after not returning home the next day.

Valley told reporters last week that a Walmart surveillance video showed the man “forcibly entering” his sister’s car and driving her away.

Photographs distributed by the sheriff’s office show Irene shopping at a convenience store shortly before her disappearance.

Irene’s car was found three days later near a paint production facility in an industrial park not far from Walmart and Interstate 80.

Kusmaraj did not disclose what investigators found in Irion’s car, but said authorities were looking for a man he called a suspect, along with a distinctly large vehicle – a dark late-model half-ton Chevrolet 2500 high country pickup truck.

“If you know anyone who drives this car or got access to this car during this (before the morning of March 12) period … we ask you to come forward and talk to us,” the detective said. He did not immediately say how investigators believe the pickup was involved in the case.

Family members, including Irian’s mother, Diana Irian, said there were plans to light a candle on Tuesday evening.

“Please save my daughter and bring her home,” said Diana Irion. “We need to spread the word across the country.”

The mother said she arrived in the Reno area on Monday from the South African capital, Pretoria, where she said she and her husband, Harv Irwin, a State Department official, were serving in the U.S. State Department.

A 30-minute drive from Fernley Reno – the state highway, including the Transcontinental Crossroads with Interstate 80 and US 50, and State Route 447.

Valley thanked hundreds of volunteer investigators who spent the weekend on horseback, on ATV, and on foot in the desert, looking for evidence of the disappearance of where Irion’s car had previously been found. He said he has continued to coordinate volunteer search efforts.

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