Atlanta City is convicted of corruption

A jury has convicted a political operative and former Atlanta City employee of money laundering, wire fraud and conspiracy to pay a bribe as a result of a protracted federal investigation into City Hall corruption.

Mitzvah Beckers is the first person to go to trial for corruption during the administration of former Atlanta Mayor Qasim Reid. A jury of six men and six women found him guilty of nine of the twelve offenses, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Bickers, who helped Reed win the election and then served as his human services director, was opposed by city contractors Elvin “ER” Mitchell Jr. and Charles P. Richards Jr. was accused of using his influence to run the business Prosecutors say he directed a total of $ 17 million The town works two men and bribes their company about $ 2 million.

Both men pleaded guilty in 2017 to conspiracy to pay a bribe, were jailed and testified on behalf of the government against the perpetrators.

Prosecutors have also accused him of trying to use money and influence to get contract work from Jackson City officials in Mississippi.

Mitchell and Richards were both indicted in early 2017, and about half a dozen others were indicted as the investigation continued over the next few years. Several of them were high-ranking members of Reid’s administration, but the former mayor himself was never indicted.

Investigators found several others trapped in the trap and sent them to prison, but Bikers’ lawyers insisted he was innocent. The other two men, another former city employee and another contractor, pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to stand trial later this year.

The Journal-Constitution reports that two current employees of the city were put on paid administrative leave this month after their names came up during the trial.

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