Allegations of abuse by Eric Gretens, GOP Senate candidate and former governor

Eric Gretens called the claims “completely fabricated” and “baseless.”

Some GOP members of Congress have called on fellow Republicans and former Missouri Gov. Eric Grittens to step down from the Senate race after allegations of physical abuse by his ex-wife, Shina Gretens.

Shina Gretens claims that after a 2018 argument, Eric Gretens “knocked me down and confiscated my cell phone, wallet and keys so I couldn’t call for help or get myself and our kids out of our house in Innsbruck, Missouri”. In court documents.

Shina Gretens said when her mother confronted Eric Gretens about the incident, “she told him she did it to prevent it. [Sheena] From doing anything that could harm his political career, “said a court document obtained by ABC News.

Shina Gretens further alleges that in November 2019, one of her children “came home from meeting Eric with a swollen face, bleeding gums and a loose tooth,” court documents said. Although the child said Eric Gretens hit him, “Eric said they were roughhousing and it was an accident,” the document said.

Eric Grittens declined to comment on ABC News’ request for comment, but said in a statement on Twitter that the claims were “completely fabricated” and “baseless.”

“Being a parent is the joy of my life and my single most important responsibility,” he said, adding that he wanted complete custody.

Sen. Josh Howley, a fellow Missouri Republican, called on Gretens to end his campaign.

“If you hit a woman or a child, you will be handcuffed, not the US Senate. It’s time for Eric Gretens to leave the race,” tweeted Howley, who is not ready for re-election this year.

Sen. Johnny Ernst, R-Iowa, says Grittens should be dropped from the race.

Sen. John Thunn, R-South Dakota, agrees.

“Why do you want to continue the race in this case?” Thun said. “I mean, it looks like, combined with all the other scandals, it’s hard to see how he can be an effective general election candidate.”

Eric Greatens resigned as governor in 2018 after allegations of sexual misconduct and blackmail with a hairdresser that included physical and sexual contact without his consent.

ABC News’ Trish Turner and Meg Cunningham contributed to this report.

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