A fully vaccinated ship dock in San Francisco with multiple COVID cases

The Ruby Princess returned to the United States after a 15-day Panama Canal cruise.

A Princess Cruise ship arrived in California on Sunday with multiple passengers and crew members who tested positive for COVID-19.

The company’s ship, the Ruby Princess, docked in San Francisco after a 15-day Panama Canal cruise.

The cruise sailed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Cartagena, Colombia; Puerto Amador and Puntarenas, Panama; And before Cabo arrives in San Lucas, Mexico, San Francisco, a spokeswoman for Princess Cruz told ABC News.

Everyone on board was fully vaccinated and had to give proof of a negative COVID test before boarding.

The spokesman did not disclose how many guests and staff had tested positive, but said that in all cases there were either mild or no symptoms.

A statement said, “Like all Princess travel routes, this cruise is operated as a vaccinated cruise, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The vaccination rate for guests and crew was 100%,” the statement said. “During the cruise we identified some positive COVID-19 cases between our guests and crew members. They were all asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic and were isolated and isolated while being monitored and cared for by our Shipboard Medical Team.”

The cruise line said guests tested positive and did not complete the separation period when the ship was docked.

Later Sunday, the ship embarked on its following voyage, a 15-day cruise to Hawaii, the spokesman said.

The outbreak occurred just two weeks after the CDC dropped the COVID-19 Travel Health Notice for cruise ships from Level 3 to “High” Health Risk, Level 2 or “Medium” Health Risk.

During the height of the Omicron wave, the CDC classified the cruise ship as Level 4, the highest level and meaning “very high” health risk.

On the CDC’s cruise ship status dashboard, it said the Federal Health Agency had launched an investigation into the Ruby Princess because of the number of cases reported and that the ship was “under surveillance.”

The dashboard did not say how many cases were reported in the store and the CDC did not return ABC News’ request for comment.

However, the ship was color-coded orange on the CDC dashboard, meaning at least 0.3% of all passengers and / or crew tested positive for the virus.

The San Francisco Department of Health and the San Francisco Port also did not respond to requests for comment.

This is the second time since the beginning of 2022 that Princess Ruby has docked with COVD-infected passengers in San Francisco.

In early January, the ship arrived at The Golden City from a 10-day Mexico Cruise with 12 Covid-19 cases among the passengers.

Cases were found after a quarter of passengers were randomly tested for the virus.

The cruise industry was badly damaged when the COVID-19 epidemic first struck. Destinations closed ports for ships and passengers could not leave even once for several days after the ships were docked.

The two ships of Princess Cruise first encountered some known outbreak. In February 2020, the Diamond Princess reported an outbreak while docking in Yokohama, Japan.

A few weeks later, in March 2020, passengers tested positive on the Grand Princess ship while traveling between California, Mexico and Hawaii.

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