A 14-year-old boy has died after falling from an amusement park ride

The ride opened earlier this year at an amusement park in Orlando

A 14-year-old boy from Missouri has died while on a new ride to an amusement park in Orlando, authorities say.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened at Icon Park shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday. According to Park, deputies responded to a 911 call after the boy fell from the Orlando Freefall, the world’s tallest free-standing drop tower at 430 feet.

The teenager was taken to a local hospital where he died of his injuries, the sheriff’s office said.

The boy, identified by authorities as Tire Sampson, was traveling from Missouri to Orlando with a friend’s family, Orange County Sheriff John Mina told reporters during a briefing Friday afternoon.

“Based on everyone’s video and witness statements, the death is presumed to have been accidental at this stage of the investigation,” the sheriff said.

“Our role in this situation is to determine whether this is an accident or an intentional act and this seems to be a terrible tragedy,” Mina said.

Mina said no criminal charges have been filed at the moment. “We will see what happens next [the investigation] The result, “he said.

The sheriff said he has no reports of new attraction issues, but noted that further investigations into the safety of the ride will be conducted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs.

A 4-minute video posted on social media captured the fatal crash, which occurred at the end of the ride’s landing. Mina said the sheriff’s office watched the video and flagged it down.

“Some of that horror shouldn’t be in the public eye,” he said.

The Orlando Freefall opened in early January, one of two new rides to debut at Icon Park. At once 30 passengers climbed to the top of the tower, where they tilted to the ground before falling into a 400-foot free fall at 75 miles per hour.

The attraction will remain closed until further notice.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of one of our guests,” said Ryder’s operator, Slingshot Group, in a statement. We’re working on a full investigation with the sheriff’s office and ride officials. “

Icon Park is also cooperating with the authorities.

“There was a tragedy in Orlando Freefall last night and our hearts are filled with grief,” Park said in a statement.

In 2020, another death occurred at ICON Park when an employee fell from a 450-foot-tall Starflyer swing ride. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a federal investigation found that 21-year-old Jacob David Kaminsky was not properly connected to Ride’s safety device when he fell 225 feet while conducting a safety test.

Matt Foster of ABC News, Alexander Puri and Mara Robbels contributed to this report.

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